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Richard Alan Miller


Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D. has 4 doctorates. He is a well-known entrepreneur, Metaphysician, Teacher, Spiritual Adviser, Physicist, Researcher, Radio, and TV personality. Phenomenology, ufology, cosmology, and metaphysics. TJ Morris Agency shares authors club orators with audiobooks, TJ Morris ET Radio Shows, and esoterics. dba ACIR, Ascension Cosmos Internet Radio and American Communications Online. We remember all those who have passed who helped us develop our level of reality with alienology, cosmology, parapsychology, phenomenology, philosophy, ufology, and our spiritual science and the metaphysical club as ACO Club. Dr. Ram is a Mentor and Life Coach in our ACE Metaphysical Institute, Universal Life Metaphysicians, Alien Contact Oracles and ACIR Allied Command Officers, Space Advocates, Veterans, Ombudsman.TJ Morris ET Radio. ACO Press Club News.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D., U. S. Naval – CiIvil Servant Retired, GS 18

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