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WHAT? WHY! American Communications Online Community

 • ACO Club is looking for individuals who can join our Who’s Who in various topics of expertise. • We are combining our efforts as archivists, historians, and researchers. • We share our community of friends who we know to be talented and skilled. • Each Business and/or Entrepreneur can offer future growth on the Internet. • We in the Global Network have shared co-creating our world and work online. • We now ask each of our ACO CLUB MEMBERS to participate and allow us to meet online. • We share a MODEL with our friends who Theresa J Thurmond Morris has chosen in her own social media network. We will decide together who desires to be in our club and vote on who is chosen to become Directors, Officers, and what we choose as consumers. • We will promote VOTING IN USA. • We will vote with our purchase power online in our own communities and in person and on the Internet as we grow into the future. • We promote each other and recommend and endorse our own members online who tell us what they are “GOD AT!” • We promote our WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY. • We specialize in LARGE DATA BASE LIBRARIES ONLINE. • We provide COMPUTER DEVELOPEERS PLANS in our Journals • We provide understanding of words in our American Communications Online Community. • We Train the Trainers Online with the tools and software development we use together. • We vote on Committees and ask our MEMBERS to work on TEAMS and on PROJECTS • We assist each person to GROW and to FURTHER their own chosen career or hobby. • We help our friends with understanding our language and choice of words • We model with other larger organizations of volunteers in nonprofits of the Creative Common licenses. Creative Commons empowers people to freely share their knowledge and creativity. The organization relies on its supporters, contributors, activists, and creators who make our work possible. Learn how you can get involved and make an impact.