Ascension Age Cosmos

How does one know if one is in the right universe? What a conundrum.
One may want to define one’s own presence as a soul in the larger cosmos.

We are all accepting the Ascension Age as the time that one might consider an era of ascension.We may well be on the same journey we have been on prior? Hmm… shall we dwell on the same old, same old?

We are all now in the position to do ourselves some good with the God Alpha of the god with the Big G as the Alpha or Absolute as we all come to terms with the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

I have privileged us to exist as in alive and not dead. Dead as in not dead yet, for our own demise is inevitable. That is with the normal way we think and define ourselves as humanoid sentient intelligent beings.  
We must now appreciate our year as 2020 as in 20/20 hindsight and what we saw coming in our own rear view mirrors. That we have not been playing the “Game of Life” with the full deck is an understatement.

Therefore, we shall now work with all our faculties working in the cosmos consciousness as whole brain thinkers. If we want to continue this journey in cyberspace together on this one place in space, we now call home.
Home is where the heart is may be a cliche, but we better take care of the home we call planet earth and/or Gaia, or Terra.  
Our story is the same, we either all cooperate and save our home, water, food, air, and even fire while we can with the fifth element being essence as in life divine. Hoping on science and technology is no longer enough. It is now time for all wonderful humans to come to the aid of their planet. Whether male or female or he, she, it, they, or theirs matters not! It is not about the worlds of words alone any longer, but the place in a space that we exist and how this can all change in the blink of an eye.

I have known parallel worlds to exist in other ways of thinking besides the way it has taught to us in traditional educational institutions. 
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