Conversations ACO Radio Club

How to do what ACO Radio Club does for our members?

ANYONE and I do mean anyone can do what I do! It is a fact. That is if you have the want, need, desire, inclination, time, money, and know how…

So, let us get started…Afterall, we have nothing but time on our hands anyway waiting for our passport off this planet.

So, what does someone with a brain, mind, consciousness, like mine have to do with your own brain, mind, and consciousness? I know I have learned very little in my almost 69 years on earth. What does anyone really know? This is what you can decide for yourself! Personally speaking, I like to have friends I can communicate with so I began a company called


 ONLINE and show others the various ways I can use my talents and skills with what they can see and hear.

Since, I am older now, I choose to not really be out there so to speak on YouTube or LIVE ON FACEBOOK, Snap Chat, Instagram, or videotaping myself doing loving and kind things for others. So, since I am rather a disgruntled monk stay at home and watch my cable television channels these days, the one thing that people tend to not let me forget is radio shows and my tarot card readings as a precog or intuitive. Since, I study the mind and enjoy science, I stay up on what we are learning about how much freewill we may have versus predestiny based on our own precog abilities or sub-conscious that knows based on habits or pre-programmed decisions based on our own personal algorithms built into our own nervous system and brain functions.

If you are still reading this then you may be my kind of friend! So, if you desire to continue knowing me and sharing in my future, let’s talk about what we are going to co-create regarding conversation as one to one or even 3 or 4 in a panel discussion in our future radio shows among our Radio Club Members?